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Using a combination of NLP, Hypnotherapy and coaching to support, inspire and motivate you. I will help you combat stress, anxiety, self-esteem issues, phobias and other conflicts you may be facing. With my support we will create a vision of a bigger, brighter and more passionate for your life. Then we will help you achieve it.

Dru is not just an experienced NLP and hynotherapy master practitioner, and life coach. Drawing from experience and knowledge in various healing disciplines, Dru is a guide that will acompany you on your journey to your new life. Providing the support and the tools you need to reach your goals. Whether it's a phobia you’re struggling with, a trauma you want to overcome or a new milestone you want to achieve. You will notice a difference from the first session. Reach out today for more information or to set up an appointment.

Treatments By Infinite Mind

The Way Forward

Before we agree to work together, I would  like to spend an hour getting to know you, to have a conversation and see if we are the right fit for your needs. During this hour we will devise a plan of action on a programme that best suit you as an individual.

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Stress and anxiety

You Are in Control

You will learn to quiet your mind and let go of any unnecessary stress and worries. Notice almost immediately how easy is it to be calm and relaxed. It is easier to make better decisions and move forward with a clear mind and belief in youself. This is what I will give to you.

Pregnancy & IVF

Welcome your feture

To help you prepare yourself to bare a child. Using the mind-body link to heighten your focus and concentration, allowing you to access what is needed for a happy, healthy, stress free preganancy and to welcome your new baby. In essence, enabling you to regain control.

Fears & Phobias

Access Your Inner Powers

Through the power of suggestion, you will begin to focus on what is needed in order for you to let go of your fears and phobias. You will be fully in control throughout the process of uncovering what’s holding you back.

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Dhrumil was absolutely amazing, not only did he put me at ease he
clearly knows what he is doing. I was completely skeptical of
hypnotherapy and after desperately trying other things I was completely
gob smacked at the results.


I struggled for a long time with stress and anxiety and now I feel like a different person!

Thanks Dhrumil - will definitely be recommending you.



Dhrumil helped me deal with internal stress and pain that I had in my chest.
After just one session he had transformed my life. I thought this was all
mumbo jumbo but can’t believe the effect.


Absolutely changed my life!



I met Dru through a social ‘personal improvement’ group that we both belong to. Through the group, Dru offered his services to those willing to place their trust in him and engage with him fully in his work. I had some experience of hypnotherapy over a decade earlier and had found it to be a remedy for my heavy smoking. I had since tried the same type of therapy for weight loss and my absolutely ingrained bad habit….biting my fingernails excessively. I contacted Dru and explained that the fingernail biting was something I was desperate to tackle, it was unsightly and embarrassing for a 42 year old man. I had my doubts about what Dru could do, I had been doing it for 40 years after all. I filled in the questionnaire form Dru sent me, being sure to be honest and to tell him exactly what my honest answers were. He followed up with a phone call and we arranged for me to meet him at his lovely home in Leicester. When I arrived at Dru’s the first thing that occurred to me was his welcoming and warm demeanour, I was at ease straight away. We started with continuing and recapping our conversation, again I was completely honest with Dru, particularly around the feelings/emotions I had in relation to my issue. Seamlessly, Dru lead into delivering his therapy as he relaxed me further and further. I do not remember the content of what Dru delivered but I do remember feel soothed to the point where i almost fell asleep and allowed him to speak to me on a very deep level. The therapy ended with a simple drink of water and a stretch.


As with the smoking therapy, I felt differently about the issue once the therapy ended, hard to describe it any better than that. Since then, I have had instances where my fingers have been to my mouth but I realise what I am doing and stop the process of biting the nail there and then. I look at my fingers now, there is still a lot of growth that needs to happen, but after a full week now, I have growth and they no longer look sore. I now feel that fingernail biting is a thing of the past, and I look forward to being able to stand holding a drink and not be conscious of the reaction of people when they see my fingernails. I am to buy a nail file for the first time in my life, to start the new habit of caring for my nails once they are long enough to do so.


My fingernail biting, after 40 years of not wanting to do it, and being made to feel bad for doing it, is a thing of the past.


I can highly recommend Dru and his skills, I encourage you to feel excited about working with him in addressing your issues. All you have to do is be honest, open and engaging with this genuine guy and let him help you become who you want to be.